UltraCompare Professional v17.00.0.26 Keygen Download Here

UltraCompare Professional v17.00.0.26 Keygen Download Here

UltraCompare Professional v17.00.0.26 Keygen Download Here

UltraCompare Professional v17.00.0.26 Keygen Download HereUltraCompare Professional:

UltraCompare Professional is a powerful compare/merge application loaded with features to enable users to track differences between files, directories, and .zip archives! File Compare features include text and binary compare of two or three files at a time and users can merge differences between compared files. Folder Compare supports comparison of local/network directories and .zip archives as well and users may merge differences between them. With automatic integration with UltraEdit-32 or UEStudio, UltraCompare Professional is a tool no user should be without! UltraCompare supports automatic, easy folder synchronization, and a duplicate file finder as well.

What’s new in v17?

  • Save result report in HTML format
  • File » Save result report » Save HTML result
  • Saves current view of compare as an HTML file
  • Improved / expanded ignore options for text mode
  • Ignore differences in comments, strings, etc., with new “Ignore everything between” rule
  • Use “$” to represent end-of-line for “Ignore everything between” rule
  • Set an unlimited number of “Ignore lines containing / starting / ending with” rules
  • New “Ignore options” tab in session properties
  • Set default ignore rules in Settings » Ignore Options » Text
  • Configure line matching algorithm for text compare
  • Available for all modes (text, binary, folder, table)
  • Header includes compare settings, file information, ignore options, etc.
  • Toggle header in Settings » Backup & Save
  • Optionally show spaces / tabs
  • Respects “View” setting (all / just differences / matching)
  • Override default styling and colors by saving custom CSS in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraCompare\report\
  • New “Logical line matching” option in text mode session properties
  • Restricting can improve text compare performance
  • If unchecked, UltraCompare will match up lines 1-to-1
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

Features of UltraCompare Professional:

  • Powerful 3-ways text compare
  • Shell Integration (right click menu in Windows Explorer)
  • Skill to edit line and merge within UltraCompare
  • Copy/paste multiple selected contiguous lines to clipboard
  • Copy frame to clipboard
  • Ability to delete lines from file
  • Line-by-line comparison of individual files
  • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks with differences
  • Ability to see whitespace differences (tabs and spaces)
  • Set Tab value to a specific number of spaces (like UltraEdit-32/UEStudio)


UltraCompare Professional v17.00.0.26 Keygen Download Here

How to Activate ?

  1. Read instructions provided in archive
  2. All done
  3. Now enjoy it..



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