Photomatix PRO 5.0.5 Serial Key Download here

Photomatix PRO 5.0.5 Serial Key Download here

Photomatix PRO 5.0.5 Serial Key Download here

Photomatix PRO 5.0.5 Serial Key Download herePhotomatix Pro:

Photomatix Pro and Photomatix Essentials are impartial programs running on Windows and Mac OS X. Photomatix Pro includes a Plugin for Light-room. Photomatix Essentials includes a Plugin for Photoshop Elements. A license costs $99 for Photomatix Pro and $39 for Photomatix Essentials. Photomatix Essentials focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

Photomatix PRO 5.0.5 Serial Key Download here

Features in Photomatix Pro 5.0:

Contrast Optimizer: New Tone Mapping method for realistic look, Contrast Optimizer is good at producing realistic-looking results while still enhancing shadows and highlights. You can access it via the ‘Balanced’ preset (second on the list).

Real-Estate: New Fusion method for real-estate photography, Real-Estate is intended for rendering inner scenes with a view out of the window. It replaces the Realistic method available in batch mode in version 4.2.

Automatic Deghosting Options and Preview, You can adjust the Deghosting Amount and select the base exposure used, with the help of a preview of the DE ghosted image.

Exposure Fusion from a single Raw file, Option to enable Exposure Fusion when you open a single Raw file.

Updates in Batch of Bracketed Photos You can now select a Preset straight from the main batch window, and can also process with multiple presets and custom settings.

More options on Workflow Shortcuts panel, You can access Open and Save commands directly from the Workflow Shortcuts, and retum with one click to the last session to process the image again with different settings.

Refreshing Preview continuously as slider moves, You can select this option on the General section of the Favorites dialog.


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