Windows 10 Missed Features Installer10 v1.0 (MFI10) free download

Windows 10 Missed Features Installer10 v1.0 (MFI10) free download

Windows 10 Missed Features Installer10 v1.0 (MFI10) free download

Windows 10 Missed Features Installer10 v1.0 (MFI10) free download

Missed Features Installer for Windows 10 is the latest version of the Famous application that takes back removed or changed features to Windows 10 that were part of previous versions of the operating system. It has all-in-one tool featuring dozens of applications, games and tools that bring back old features or modify them so that they resemble features of the past.

Twist your Windows 10 system by installing various features from previous Windows operating systems, such as Aero Glass theme, gadgets or language packs. Owning a Windows-based computer might sometimes want you to perform certain maintenance operations, such as installing various required components or enabling certain features. However, instead of relying on its built-in functions, you can turn to third-party software.

Packed in the 1.3 gigabyte ISO image are third-party programs such as Classic Shell, Gadgets 2.0 or the Windows Experience Index Tool, native programs from previous versions of Windows such as games, the .Net Framework 1.1 or DirectX 9.0c, and assets such as icons and conversion tools.


Smooth interface:

This utility comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface that provides you with an easy way of accessing its wide variety of features with minimum efforts.Its main window consists of three different screens, each of which encompasses several components that can be installed on your machine with ease.


Numerous features:

Missed Features Installer10 enables you to install various components on your Windows 10-based computer in a quick, convenient manner. You just need to click the desired button and follow the corresponding instructions.


No additional configuration required:

Since this is a system tweaking tool, you might expect it requires extensive amounts of configuration. However, thanks to its overall simplicity and flexibility, this application comes with no additional customization menu and does not require you to perform any configuration in order to benefit from its capabilities.

It is recommended to create a backup before you run the program as it won’t make a backup of its own to restore a previous system state if you run into issues after installing applications or features on the system.

OS: Windows 10 / 10 64-bit


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