Flip Shopping Catalog With License key

Flip Shopping Catalog With License key

Flip Shopping Catalog With License key

Flip Shopping Catalog With License keyFlip Shopping Catalog  is helping to build digital shopping catalogs with truthful page-flipping effect. It provides a new and exciting way to promote and sell products online. The Flip Shopping Catalog program is easy-to-use and will help to build a shopping book within minutes, and output to multiple formats for people to shop online on different devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Flip Shopping Catalog Features:

  • Convert PDF to Adobe© Flash® based digital shopping catalogs with page-flipping effect.
  • Batch convert multiple PDF files to a single or multiple page-flipping eBooks with model settings.
  • Provide command version.
  • Free use service version to watch folders and create flipbook automatically.
  • Import bookmarks (outline) with PDF, and edit them manually.
  • Import hyperlinks with PDF, include web link, page link, email link.
  • Importation text so text is searchable, define the least search characters.
  • Detect scenery page to the current as two-page spread.
  • Add watermarks text, image, dynamic date/ time etc to page-flipping eBooks.
  • Define quality and size for the normal version and mobile version.
  • Detect landscape page to present as two-page spread.
  • Print online directly with using the FlipBuilder Upload Service.
  • Build digital bookcase to store and manage eBooks.
  • Output in different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, Mobile version and Burn to CD.

Almost Page-flipping eBook:

With the page-flipping ebook you have created, your book readers will be able to:

  • Drag the corner to flip a page.
  • Click page shadows to flip a page.
  • Use mouse roll to flip pages.
  • Input PIN to unlock encrypted pages.
  • View with important pages pre-loaded to open rapidly, no need to wait for all pages to be loaded.
  • Use Previous, Next, First or Last buttons to navigate through the pages.
  • Flip pages automatically.
  • View flipbook fastly.
  • View page-flipping eBook full screen.
  • Use page thumbnails to navigate.
  • Search entire eBook.
  • Print out the whole eBook or a selected the range of pages.
  • Download the uploaded page-flipping eBook direct from the web site.
  • Double click to zoom in or zoom out.
  • Zoom in or out both pages.
  • Manually control zoom in scale in Float template.
  • Share eBook URL via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Turn page-turning sound on or off.
  • Open in the Browser to a exact page by adding a page index to your URL.
  • Always show in Minim Style with adding a parameter to URL.
  • View page-flipping eBooks on MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android dev.

How To Install ?

Install the Flip Shopping Catalog
Copy and the Paste patch to the installation program.
Enjoy it!!!…


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